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activity space

Investor Activity Spaces

Powerful collaboration tools made simple. Invite contacts, to secure spaces, share files, collect investment $ discuss progress privately all in our secure Activity spaces.

wall private IM

The Wall Private IM

Keep investors and your prospects up-to-date on your projects progress without disruption. Your live-feed Wall displays your most recently updated private 1to1 Activities, Discussions, and project updates with invited individual investors, team members or groups. Notifications via email and on their private Wall.


Business Intelligence

Gain perspective, insight, and reporting. From workflows to communications, revenue funnels to website hits, gain intelligence and data from your daily operations.


CRM3® Contact Management

Your full Investor and networks address book online. Link-to groups of contacts according to their type - track & group accredited and non-accredited investors. Create leads, prospects, Investor and business groups or key contacts. Share contact links with your teams, update and manage customer profiles, send smart email campaigns with automated follow-ups and analytics, and respond efficiently to customer requests. Every contact record has their own tracking and electronic file room, for all documents, compliance, marketing on every contact.



Find everything you need, all in one place. Your customizable Dashboard allows you to easily access your most used gadgets and tools, view vital analytics and data, and manage your contacts and ongoing Activities.


Funds Tracking & EFT

Establish your escrow, collect and track funds, manage every investors dollars with advanced fund tracking including electronic funds transfer gateways set up for your project - to make investing paperless and a breeze.

work spaces

Issuer Work Spaces

Set up your project issues, create a work space, manage your investors, documents, funding, share certificates - completely organized from top to bottom by your issues, to central share registry - secure by project and control permissions for usage and access.

shared calendars

Shared Calendars

Coordinate investor events, project updates, webinars, meetings. Share calendars and appointments with Outlook, Google Calendar, or any iCal program. Autoset reminder notifications for investors and all meetings - on or off line. Integrates with any smart phone calendar too!



Do more with your ideas & information. Make marketing materials, presentations, updates, accessible to investors, or everyone on your team, or keep them private. Include image files, videos, presentations or slide decks - link notes to any contact. Make marketing materials easily accessible, and ensure you have everything required for compliance reporting.


Automatic Drive

Let your Automatic Drive keep investors in the know - send out email notifications, follow-ups, electronic funds transfer links and more. Track all links - know when they are opened, unopened and clicked links with automated responses for every compliance, follow-up requirement.


Smart DocuBox™ Sign, Share and Store Documents & Files

Our proprietary, patented, integrated document and file workbooks for signing online, safe and secure offer pre-configured or custom forms for your funding projects. Automatically filed, properly managed and organized on every contact record. Version control access via custom permissions, (e.g. allow lawyers to update documents - the latest versions automatically available). Share through email, generate sharing links, and with our DropBox integration easily pull your existing files into the system. Every Investor contact has their own secure, versioned, file storage space, critical for audits & compliance.

secure access

Secure Access

Enhanced security for your data. Each business receives its own Private Cloud to store information in a single, secure space. Users must be authenticated to access the System and are Authorized by their Role to specific functions.